Custom Jars

Custom Jars

Celebrate, Congratulate, Appreciate, and Wedding Favors

From trade shows to class graduations, from family reunions to team-building conferences, small gifts or gestures are a wonderful way to mark an event, make staff feel valued, or enhance brand recognition.

Gifts of food are always appreciated, seldom wasted, and universally well-received due to their utility and inherent value.

Our charming honey jars will grace countertops and cupboards for weeks, serving as a gentle reminder with every cup of tea and slice of toast. Honey's everlasting nature ensures those unreachable during the event can still receive one later, while extra units can find new purpose.

At BeeFavored, the honey parlor, we offer an elegant and cost-effective selection suitable for a wide range of business and family occasions. Starting at just $1.75 per unit for most varieties, you can extend meaningful gestures without straining your budget. Plus, enjoy tax-free honey and FREE SHIPPING!

Variety is abundant at BeeFavored. From pure nectar sources to specialty infusions and naturally flavored honeys, we can customize your jars to your liking, even matching them with your event's color scheme or theme.

For a personal touch, opt for event branding, a customized message of gratitude, or a special date on your jars. Professionally designed print options are also available upon request.

Seeking something upscale or personalized? Let us craft a specialty basket or gift crate to convey your appreciation more emphatically.

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