Sea Moss - Elderberry/Pomegranate w/Ginger

Sea Moss - Elderberry/Pomegranate w/Ginger

BeeFavored Sea Moss:
Elderberry/Pomegranate-Ginger Sea Moss Gel

Ingredients: AUTHENTIC JAMAICAN SEA MOSS, Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, SPRING WATER, ORGANIC ELDERBERRY, pomegranate, GINGER root, 

raw turmeric, hint of LEMON, 

BeeFavored Raw honey

No bleach, chemicals, or fertilizers are used. 

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablespoons daily. 

Processing/Shipping: Processing times are 3-5 days, followed by 2-3 day shipping time. 

We do not allow returns as this product is perishable. 

 Storage: Keep refrigerated up to 4 weeks. Keep frozen up to 4 months. Thaw at room temperature. 

You can add our sea moss to your favorite tea, beverage, smoothie or take sea moss by itself.


We are not medical professionals. Use at your own risk! Sea Moss is a beneficial (seaweed) to the body as it has natural nutrition’s of 92 minerals however it can be unfavorable if it’s an allergen. If you are allergic to seaweed please do not consume! Our products are not FDA tested or approved.

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