Orangic Raw Honey

Orangic Raw Honey


Pure honey, light and delicious, made as Nature intended by the Bees from wild clover flowers in a remote region, local beehive farms, and throughout United States.
This is a great staple item for all your daily uses.
We love this honey for its light taste and gentle buttery notes of vanilla and sunshine.

This honey pairs with any recipe. No funny aftertaste with this varietal (flower source), clover.

About This Honey

Because we keep our honeys raw and unfiltered they maintain bits of pollen, propolis and bees wax cappings that can show up as white "foam" on the top of your jar. This is completely edible, natural and good for you. Natural, real honey kept intact, just the way the bees make it!
A classic "drizzlable" honey.

1/2 pound glass jar - plastic free

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