Ginger Galore Honey

Ginger Galore Honey

Ginger Honey

Feeling a little run down? Use this honey fermented ginger in your morning smoothie for a healthy anti-inflammatory, probiotic boost, scratchy throat and dry cough. Good for flu season too! Made with fresh-fermented ginger, raw honey and thickener.

Our Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey is slowly Infused to perfection with Organic Ginger Root making a golden ginger Infusion with a good ginger kick, as well as shredded ginger.

Suggested Ways to Enjoy this Infusion

The perfect combination of Spice and Sweet. Reminiscent of ginger chew candies this is a versatile Infusion great for sweet and savory dishes, you can glaze meats and spice up a stir fry or add it to a cobbler, put it in herbal or black teas and spread it on toast. Put a spoonful in warm water with lemon for a tonic to sooth your throat.

We find this honey makes a nice treat when taken by the spoonful, like candy, and it's completely natural! Some more ideas for how to use this Infusion are in lemonade, mixed drinks, cookie and other pastry recipes or with your kombucha or jun.

Our Process

Infused in small batches by hand in a slow infusion process with a very low temperature to ensure the honey and ginger stay raw and maintain their full flavor and naturally beneficial properties. 
A really satisfying infusion!

Ingredients: Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey, Organic Ginger Root

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